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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Black Adam, directed by: Jaume Collette Sira, 2022

After a period of time in the cinemas, the amount of bad reviews poured into "Black Adam" is no doubt amazing. There is no doubt that the new DC movie is receiving a lot of scorn, and the question is whether the attack is justified.

The film "Black Adam" follows a superhero, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson), a slave in a forgotten kingdom, who receives infinite power and the urine rises to his head and he is frozen and sedated. Thousands of years later, heroes of freedom awaken him, so he can save the kingdom.

In America, they find out that Black Adam has been released, and out of fear of his lack of morality, they release against him a group of superheroes called by the generic name "The Justice Gang", whose goal is to educate him and prevent him from unburdening himself and being naughty.

The multitude of characters creates chaos, there isn't really one leading narrative or anyone, who will carry this show. Dwayne Johnson The Rock, a generally passable actor, disappears into the awkward display of superpowers with no substance. Lots of explosions, hordes of corpses and we don't really understand what they are fighting about and what they want. The production did not invest in the setting and effects and seems stuck together with Black Adam in the past and has not yet decided to reach the future.

In the movie "Black Adam" the dialogues are shameful and not particularly smart, and what could have been a refreshing and interesting statement about colonialism, quickly turns into another movie of muscles, orgasms and explosions. DC is often the comic book company that has more depth and darkness in the characters it produces, such as Batman and the Joker. However, here she creates an annoying character, who really has nothing to say, except a lot of rage and narcissism.

The world of comics began to produce disappointments after many successes, and it's a shame. Production and a huge budget of a film should not guarantee anything.

The movie "Black Adam" could have been The Rock's most successful performance and instead he has recently counted failures in his blockbusters, mostly shattering windshields.


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