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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Don't Worry Darling, Director: Olivia Wilde, 2022

A crazy buzz follows the movie "Don't worry darling", it seems to be everywhere on social media. It's not really related to the movie itself, but to the affair of the star of the movie with Harry Stills. Add to that publicized fights, fights between the director Olivia Wilde and the lead actress Florence Pugh on the set, then we have here some particularly juicy material that everyone would like to read.

As for the movie, the script itself is as confused and incoherent as the plot itself. She tells about a town called Victory, a sort of perfect place from the baby boom years we remember fondly. The town's beautiful couple Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Stills) begin to quarrel and cracks begin to appear in their supposedly perfect marriage. Above everything hovers a riddle, regarding the large company that is the main livelihood of the men there.

The main problem of the movie "Don't worry darling" is the multiplicity. Too many sets, characters and ideas, which do not coalesce into something complete. The rush without clear boundaries creates confusion for the viewer, who quickly loses interest. There is also hospital drama, mysterious cults and mysteries that are never adequately answered during the film. It is good that the director wants to challenge himself, but sometimes the challenge is too great and the film gets lost.

Harry Stills, who is a significant source of income for the film, fails to deliver a dramatic enough performance in his first major role. The rest of the actors don't give a great performance either, but at least they manage to be reasonable and not awkward. The cinematography and the sound cover up a not good enough script and acting, there are wonderful shots and lots of color and music on the screen, to the point of ignoring the actors, who are not charismatic enough to hold a whole movie.

Here is another film about a utopia, which turns into a dystopia and the human forgery of a society that tries to transmit perfection. The problem is, it is not done effectively, interestingly or attractively enough and there are many holes in the not interesting enough plot. Sometimes provocations are not interesting enough to make a perfect film.


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