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Film Review: Equality Point, Director: Antoine Fuqoa, 2014

The movie "The equalizer" which was released in 2014 is based on the series that was staged in the 1980s of the same name. The story of Robert McColl (Denzel Washington), a middle-aged man, nice and pleasant and one cannot suspect that his past is deeply rooted in the secret services and is very skilled once he goes into action. After directing his death, McCall feels confident enough and he does not seek activity as he has experienced in the past. Only they will leave him and pass his life in peace and quiet. He simply works in a large hardware store, befriends his colleagues, most notably Ralphie (Johnny Scortis), who wants to become a security guard in the store. He makes sure he has lost weight and trains him in grueling fitness training and indeed Ralphie manages with his help to pass the exams and move on to the security guard. As mentioned, MacCall lives peacefully between his simple work and spends the evening in a 24-hour cafe, where he reads books. A look at his apartment shows that it is almost empty, except for necessary things and lots of books. A voice in the film is a widower, who promised his late wife before her death that he would read masterpieces. At the Cafe, McCall meets a young girl named Terry (Chloe Grace Mortz), who has no choice but to become a prostitute, who is a prisoner of the Russian mafia. She talks to him and is interested in his books. One day he meets her boss, Slavi (David Munier), who treated her rudely, after a customer beat her and she returned it to him. The next day, when she is not at her regular place in the cafe and he asks about her, he hides that she is hospitalized in the intensive care unit after being beaten vigorously. On this McCall can no longer restrain. He asks for her release from her bosses, but responds with contempt. He takes revenge on everyone who was in the room, including the Slavs and leaves bodies there. The Russian mafia now understands that this is a professional, and the person in charge - the oligarch Pushkin - sends one of his best men, a man rich in murders and torture of his victims - Teddy (Merton Sukas), who is sure to be easily preyed upon. On the way, he cold-bloodedly kills Terry's girlfriend as soon as she could not tell where she had gone. Violence is celebrated in the film and it is sometimes difficult to watch the strange deaths that are invented on both sides. But, there is also humor in the film that makes viewing easier. A fascinating film and Denzel Washington is full of charisma and excellent acting. The game of the other players is also good. There is tension built up throughout the film and despite the carnage and cruelty - the ending is optimistic, seeing Terry satisfied and rehabilitated, and a returning voice to the diner and reading quality books.

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