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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: I came by , director: Babak Anwari, 2022

After a month of anticipation, which is breaking viewing records all over the world, the British version of "I came by " has arrived. At first glance, it seems that this is a film with an interesting social statement, about the intergenerational struggle for money and influence.

The movie "I came by" talks about a young man (George McKay), who breaks into rich houses and fills them with addresses of - I came by . He does this because they have sinned against the society in which they live.

However, very quickly everything takes a strange turn, when in one of the break-ins he discovers a hidden secret, which puts him and his family in danger. As in Israel, also in Britain, the police fail to act effectively and therefore the young artist enters into a dilemma, whether to act against the judge (Hugh Bonneville), the person who broke into his house, or to retreat back to his anonymous life.

As he progresses in the investigation of the dark secret, which we will not reveal in order not to make a spoiler, the people closest to him come into increasing danger. The question arises here, what is more important, morality and justice for the distant circle of people you do not know, or your family members and friends are the top priority. This is the main dilemma that will accompany us throughout the film "I came by ".

There is reasonable action and many twists in the plot in the movie "I came by ". It is well acted and the production is tight and looks wonderful. There's a reason "I came by " made it to the top ten and this time for the right reasons. There is a morbid and dark atmosphere in the movie "I came by", which is very suitable for the world in which the movie takes place.

One of the advantages of the movie "I came by" is its realistic tone. He doesn't try to embellish reality, or sell us that in the end everything works out and the good guys always win. It is about sacrifice and unlike many other movies, sometimes sacrificing is not enough to win. The movie "I passed by accident" is a fine Netflix movie, it's a shame that not all of them are at the same level.


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