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Film Review: Interception Mission, Director: Matthew Riley, 2022

It's amazing to find out that sometimes the most watched movies on Netflix are also the most ridiculous. A ridiculous movie can also be a great action movie, that's really not the problem. The problem starts when it becomes absurd, which is already really annoying to see. The plot follows in the spirit of modernity and the brave women Captain Collins (Elsa Pataki), who is beautiful and brave and a few other things. It commands a nuclear missile rig, and of course something that threatens the world is supposed to happen there. Surprisingly, this happens much faster than you think. Terrorists decide to take control of the missiles and destroy the United States, a very scary boom. But even though they are sophisticated, big and skilled, it is clear that there is Collins who will rip them out of shape. This is not a gentle way of saying it, she is an officer with superpowers, with abilities that even the great warriors can envy. As expected, and this is not really a spoiler, it will succeed in preventing a nuclear holocaust and saving the world. This is the agreement, the plot is expected, but we will provide you with great action. Unfortunately, in the movie "Interception Mission" the agreement just doesn't work. Why? Because the plot is completely stupid. The dialogues are bad, the terrorists are just stupid, the action is not very professional and clearly not exciting, everything feels like a C-type film, which was once shown in the eighties, and would have given it a generic name like - American Ninja. So if someone wants to pass their time without any gram of thought, and watch an action movie between bad and mediocre, he can take the "interception mission" for a spin. Others can find much better stuff, even on Netflix.




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