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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: My Beloved Brazil, Director: Jorge Gurevich, 2022

In Brazil, soccer is almost a national religion, the most popular and successful sport. Along with football, there is a love for music, samba, landscapes and ordinary people. The film "My Beloved Brazil" tries to combine all these elements and create a winning film. This is a journey film, about the ability to dream and achieve the goal, especially when reality knocks on the door and collides with force.

The father (Assaf Goldstein) and the grandfather (Antonio Petrin) are crazy about football, but the 11-year-old son (Rotem Barnea), less so. They dream of infecting him with their great love, and decide to go to the World Cup. For this purpose, they embark on a journey towards the desired goal. It's a small film, a light comedy, that doesn't try to do things it's not good at.

The film "My Beloved Brazil" is minimalistic, with excellent cinematography, gently caressing everything that is Brazilian. There are no memorable scenes here, but even without climaxes, it manages to make going to the cinema worthwhile. The connection to the human, the real, is spectacular, and the tension between the economic ability which can be poor, but in contrast humanity, which can be strong and spectacular.

"My Beloved Brazil" is a predictable film, not very creative nor does it try to reinvent the wheel or be particularly original. He is full of compassion and love, ingredients that are sorely lacking these days. If you miss human cinema, here is a movie that can remind you of oblivion.


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