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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Neighbors from above, director: Sask Guy, 2022

There are few films based on a play that manage to do this successfully. In the Spanish film "The Neighbors Upstairs", the director Sask Guy tries to convey the difficulties and challenges in a relationship in a short film. There are many questions and a difficult criticism of the oldest institution in the world.

Anna (Grisalda Siciliani) and Julio (Javier Camara) are an old couple, already desperate for marriage. Julio is a music teacher, frustrated that he failed to become a rising star. His wife Anna is the cynical and bitter side, angry at her husband, who does not invest enough in his love life and she is not ready to support him, but only to hurt him. We are exposed to the full force of the hatred in the relationship, as soon as a couple of neighbors come to visit. Julio announced that if they don't leave, he will reveal an embarrassing secret and his wife should do everything to avoid unnecessary drama.

The excellent cast does their best in being faithful to the script, which creates a crazy and entertaining series of events that changes married life from end to end. There are polished dialogues, precise facial expressions and offensive puns.

The film "The Neighbors from Above" lasts only 80 minutes and is filmed in a small number of locations. Some will not like the paucity of the filming areas, but others will appreciate a film based mainly on sophisticated texts.

The movie "The Neighbors from Above" has a sophisticated script and a lot of textual work, which manage to turn a movie, which on paper makes a particularly boring impression, into a great success.


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