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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: The Conference, director: Mati Geshonk, 2022

Although the final solution was not decided at the Vanza Conference, it was undoubtedly given a huge push forward. In Villa Vanza near Berlin, all the representatives of the German army were present, who decided among themselves on the extermination of the Jewish people. Surprisingly, the one who recorded the minutes was Adolf Eichmann (Johannes Elmeir), who was the secretary of the conference.

The movie "The Conference" is a German movie, full of dry dialogues, but full of meaning. The representatives are the ones who determined the fate of 11 million Jews. The conference was a kind of clerical party, which had terrible consequences. The one who organized the arms present at the conference was Reinhard Heydrich (Philip Hochmeier), a blond and handsome man, also known as the butcher.

The viewer becomes a fly on the wall, in one of the most important commissions of the twentieth century. A group of men, who make chilling decisions about the fate of innocent women, men and children. Together they solve problems, not necessarily ethical, but practical. They manage to formulate destructive policies and ignore all emotion and humanity.

The reservations about the movie "The Conference" are logistical, mainly costs and the amount of trains that the extermination of humans will consume. No one raises the value of human life, or the stain it will cast on Germany for generations to come. No one utters a word, no one is compensated here, but a bunch of officials and soldiers dressed in suits are about to commit a horrific genocide, which had already begun in the Soviet Union with the start of Operation Barbarossa.

Even though a long time has passed since the Vanza Conference, "The Conference" is a film that serves as an important reminder of those days, that the Jews were merely a statistical document and not human beings to be reckoned with.

The movie "The Conference" is a testimony to how human beings, even if they are polite and dressed in suits, can reach horrific decisions.


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