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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: The Devil's Light, director: Daniel Stam, 2022

Despite the plot that looks ridiculous on paper, the movie "The Devil's Light" manages to surprise and present a reasonable and scary movie at times.

The very idea of ​​the movie "The Devil's Light" is original. A nun named Ann (Jacqueline Byers), wants to fulfill herself not on a trip to India, but to become the world's first exorcist.

Her commitment stems from the fact that her mother was possessed, which burned a deep and painful burn in her soul. Of course, Father Dante (Christian Navarro) also joins the mission and together they fight for the soul of a young woman, who becomes a monster from hell because of the devil.

Although we have heard the plot of the movie "The Devil's Light" many times, minus the feminist twist, overall it is a good and not embarrassing movie. The plot is tense, even though it is full of Christian symbols, which are not sure to be fully understood by Israeli eyes. The jumps are lovable, there are no hair-raising baddies, but the twist of the fight between good and evil leads to tense and blood-curdling moments.

The effects and the acting are also good, and despite the lack of originality, the movie "The Devil's Light" can still be good even without innovating.

Those who like movies about possessions, ghosts and disgusting secretions that come out of people with heavy make-up will enjoy this time as well. The film "The Devil's Light" itself is flowing, neither boring nor overly spread. Despite the spiritual ramblings, it's still a fairly enjoyable film, which joins the flood of horror films that know how to do the job, it's just a shame that we neglected originality this year.


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