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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: The School of Good and Evil, directed by Paul Feig, 2022

In the movie "The School of Good and Evil" it is described how every four years boys and girls are kidnapped to a school, where they learn how to become heroes of fairy tales. Some are villains and others are heroes.

The two best friends Sophie (Sophia Ann Crusoe) and Agatha (Sophia Wiley) dream of escaping from the boring reality of their lives in a remote village and becoming heroines from fairy tales. Agatha is a neglected witch, with a slight tendency to evil, while Sophie is a handsome and kind blonde, who dreams of being a fairy tale princess. However, a mistake switches between them and sends them to the wrong schools, which greatly complicates matters.

Netflix decided to play it safe and took a proven work, which was released in 2013 and was successful on an international scale and was even translated into Hebrew with the same name. However, the execution is unimpressive to say the least and the film fails to meet the standards, even the mediocre ones of the less successful Netflix films.

The acting in the movie "The School of Good and Evil" is bad, the characters are an unsuccessful parody, with which it is impossible to connect and identify. Agatha is not really evil, but a lost and disgraced girl, while Sophie is an annoying Londoner, who cannot really be imagined as a heroine from fairy tales. The other characters are also unbearable to say the least. It's hard to find even one character you can identify with throughout the film.

The effects in the movie "The School of Good and Evil" are not successful. There is not enough action and the conflicts and the plot are also not clear enough. It's not that it's very sophisticated, it's just spread out and includes a lot of storylines, none of which are particularly interesting and superior to the others.

It is interesting that a relatively successful book for teenagers receives such an intolerable adaptation. Whole parts of the original plot were also omitted and the coolness and lightness of the novel were replaced by almost unbearable stupidity and rudeness.

The youth deserve more successful adaptations, especially successful literary works. Along with the successes of Netflix, there are also downfalls and this is one of the most significant.


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