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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: The Son, director: Florian Zeller, 2022

After a long time, we finally made an exciting film that deals with a hidden field, which is the depression that spreads among teenagers. Not all teenagers go through the puberty process smoothly. Some of them face social and physical changes, which impair their mood and therefore they sink into black bile.

The movie "The Son" is about a painful divorce process and its effect on the son Nicholas (Zen McGarrett) in the family. He moves to a new place and has to deal with his father's new wife, Beth (Vanessa Kirby). He becomes a dancer and is invited to parties in the new environment. However, under the optimistic cover, a huge storm and heavy depression are taking place in his soul. The parents try to find out the reasons and help before it is too late.

Peter (Hugh Jackman) is a tormented man, when he was a child his parents neglected him and now he repeats the same pattern. He is full of traumas and cuts on his body from his past, growing up to be a stiff and not very sympathetic person. He becomes claustrophobic and suspicious, if he does not succeed in conquering his breasts he will lose his whole world.

The point of view is Peter, he is full of fears and publicity so it is very subjective and distorted. Unlike many films today, this is a very masculine film, the women get a very small and insignificant volume. The film is very gloomy and dark, slow and at times boring. It progresses at a snail's pace, through long dialogues and not very interesting scenes.

Hugh Jackman is amazing in a fine performance, it's a shame that all the supporting actors don't live up to the standard he manages to set. The movie "The Son" is a difficult and very disturbing family drama to watch, boring but it has a lot of important messages and passages that are definitely thought-provoking. This is an artistic film, not suitable for everyone. He is sad and will stay with you for a long time. Those who are willing to invest and leave with insights for the future will be happy to enter Ben's world.


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