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Film review: There's nothing new in the West, director: Edward Berger, 2022

Very few books have entered canonical status and are still as relevant as they were at the time they were published. Such is the new film of the director Edward Berger, which is based on the book "There is nothing new in the West" by the writer Eric Maria Remarque.

Erich Maria Remarque's book "There is nothing new in the West" is an anti-war masterpiece, published in 1929 and tells the story of a company of German soldiers, imbued with enthusiasm and motivation, who find themselves cut to pieces on the Western Front during the First World War. The question is how a group of young men full of enthusiasm from the older generation, who promised them fame and publicity, encounter a chaotic and impossible reality, excavations full of rats and also rotting corpses.

The German adaptation is surprising, full of criticism towards war and militarism in general and does not save viewers from absurdly harsh scenes of older commanders, who are ready to sacrifice the young for a few centimeters of insignificant territory. This is a demonstration of power also in terms of the spectacular effects, the game and the sub text, which emerges from the trenches.

The film "There is nothing new in the West" is a one-off recreation of the First World War. One of the most beautiful films released about the period. Similar to the book, it follows soldiers fighting on the Western Front against France, and in particular Paul Boemer (Felix Kammerer), a soldier full of motivation for life, with a will to fight, who has lost his faith and joy in the system.

The film "There is nothing new in the West" shows the cycle of violence, that the soldiers are only a small part of a huge system, which eats the soldiers who arrive. Feel the emphasis on how they are unimportant, of any meaning, and their vast exploitation.

The sound effect in the movie "There is nothing new in the West" is one of the most realistic seen in the cinema. Therefore, it is highly recommended to see it in the cinema as long as it is shown there. The spectacular scenes are a kind of non-stop dance of death and uncontrollable violence.

The movie "There's Nothing New in the West" is one of the best movies produced by Netflix. Undoubtedly, this is a big victory compared to many, many films in which she has invested a lot of money.

Apparently the movie "There's nothing new in the West" will play an important role in the upcoming Oscar ceremony thanks to its strong elements. Since "Saving Private Ryan" we haven't seen a war movie so intense and invested, realistic and poignant, that brings that great war back to the front of the screen.

The movie "There's nothing new in the West" is one of the movies that will be interesting to watch at the upcoming awards ceremonies. Will he turn Netflix into the figurine maker it so aspires to be?


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