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  • Lotan Diker

French Film Review: Another world , Director: Steven Breeze, 2022

As part of a militant trilogy against the corporations, Another World is one of the most political films released recently. There is a consolidated ideology that tries to attack the class of the rich and be in favor of the workers who are being trampled by pig capitalism.

An evil American corporation comes to France and is headed by a manager who looks only at the financial line and not at the people. He begins to fire dozens of employees without heart and conscience, even though he needs them. Over time he begins to discover the injustices of the society he is in and tries ways to clear his painful conscience.

The manager is in a dilemma, on the one hand his personal world is collapsing due to a painful divorce that costs him a lot of money and on the other hand he realizes that he is hurting people. If he doesn't fire his fellow workers, the managers will put him on the line. Through Zoom calls and long dialogues, we are exposed to the sad truth that the only consideration of the managers is the profit line.

Those who do not like conversations and dialogues with dialects, will not survive the film. It is full of verbal gibberish and a lot of sophisticated conversation. On the other hand, those who like sophisticated cinema and a lot of political depth, will fall in love with the excellent acting and the very witty and polished writing.

Finally, comes a cinema that is different from the usual landscape that tries to be dramatic or funny and of course the influx of superheroes. There is here a sophisticated and delightful criticism of a world that is becoming more and more technological and cold, it is good that there is European cinema that still brings up deep issues in which there is a desire to change the world.


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