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  • Lotan Diker

Futuristic Series Review: Contact, Disney Plus, 2022

Series from Asia are known for having a colorful and narrative quality that is not found in the West. Such is the new series that recently appeared on Disney Plus.

In the series "Contact" there is an idea that has been discussed a lot in the past, but the strange and sick execution of Connect turns the event into something completely different. Interestingly, Disney Plus acquired the rights to the series. She is quite brutal and cruel.

The series describes a situation where in the future we will find organ hunters, who take the best of their bodies from innocent people. An innocent man named Ha Dong-soo (Jung Ha-in) is robbed of an important organ and that is his eye. She is implanted in a serial killer and he begins to see his morbid actions and in this way a connection and a game of cat and mouse is formed between them.

The series "Contact" is not suitable for everyone, mainly because of brutality, which does not leave much room for imagination. The acting of all the actors is quite mesmerizing. There are many dramatic ideas in the series, which lead to convoluted and not quite predictable storylines.

The series "Contact" is a Korean series with a Japanese cast, which has many elements related to the East, but also futuristic Western ideas. The design itself is mesmerizing, it has a cool and distant aesthetic, but also a lot of warm colors, which make viewing a visual experience. Even the brutality and mangled limbs look like a psychedelic work of art.

There is no doubt that this is not an experience recommended for everyone. Those who shy away from graphic violence will not stand for it. The Asian coolness and the restrained game are not always winking to Western eyes either, but the advantages are many. They take ideas we've seen many times before and turn them into disturbing cinematic art, but one that's so unique, it's hard to leave halfway through.


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