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Movie Review: Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, Director: Michelle Johnson, 2019

The movie "Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish" is one of a series of Cinderella stories. This is a comedy for the whole family, from young people to adults. Another impending Christmas movie. Catherine (Kat) Decker (Laura Marano) is a teenage girl, singer, songwriter and composer. Her mother died when she was a child, and her father married Derrida (Johanna Newmarch). After the death of her father, Jason, she stays at home with her stepmother Derrida, an evil, rude and domineering wife, and with her step-sisters, bad as Iman, Joy (Lillian Duckett Head) and Grace (Chanel Pluso). They make her their maid, cruel to her, rummage in her room and leave her no privacy and even mock her. They have taken over her inheritance, demanding that she pay them a percentage of her work. Kat's dream is to save enough money to get out of this awful house. Kate's daughter leaves her a snowball with a special part in it. She plays it every night. Until her mother and sisters enter her room and discover him, and despite her many requests, do not reveal to her where he is. One day, on her way to work, she meets her sisters after their shopping, they load all the things on her and she falls. They laugh and even photograph her this way and upload to Instagram. Whoever comes to her aid is Dominic Nick Wintergarden (Greg Sulkin), the son of the richest man in town. Their path also intersects later on. Didra, though rich thanks to Kat, wants to be richer and is looking for ways to do so. Trans (Berkeley Hop) The millionaire Wintergarden, is having a Christmas party and since the late Jason, Kat's father, was his best friend, he decides to invite his wife - Didra, and his daughter Kat. He sends a courier to their house, Didera accepts the invitation and manages to get another one out - for her and her daughters, without Kat. They plan to go to the prom. Meanwhile, Kat, who works as an elf and singer in Santa Land, which is a playground belonging to Trans, knows a new Santa who is coming to the place. They become friends and one day, when they decide to be exposed to each other, the new Santa takes off his costume and is revealed to be Nick Wintergarden. Kat does not take off her costume as an elf. Nick gives her and her good friend Isla (Isabella Gomez), a costume designer, invitations to a Christmas prom. Kat keeps her order and when she and Isla pass by a fancy shop, she sees a beautiful green dress and craves it, even though she knows she can not afford to buy it. Isla surprises Kat when she sews the same dress. Kat is happy and arrives at her house and hides the dress under the dog's kennel, where she thinks her sisters will not look, because they cannot stand the dog. The nurses, who rummaged in her room again, found the dress and the invitation to the prom. The dress is worn by Joy and takes Kat's identity and the invitation is worn by Didra. Before the party they try to leave Kat at home, but she sees Joy's bag as the snowball, and in the fight between them he breaks down. They leave the situation as it is and leave, when on the way they accidentally drop the invitation to a party that Kat actually received. The dog finds the invitation for Kat and Kat finds a clutch part of the snowball and puts it on it. She decides to go to a Christmas party anyway, and her friend Isla puts her in, disguised as an elf and she joins the entertainment team. When she goes out to dance, she is seen by Nick, who was surprised that she did not come, and Didera as well. When Kat danced, she knocked down the dancer who was supposed to dance the Snow Queen and forced her to perform the role. When she complains that she has nothing to wear, Isla surprises her and tells her that she sewed a beautiful dress for her, after Kat told her about her family's ugly behavior and that Joy stole the green dress from her. She dresses in the stunning white dress and with the encouragement of Nick takes the stage, gives an unforgettable performance and sings an original song she composed. The crowd cheers, Nick invites her to dance and introduces her to his father Terence. The father sees the special bracelet, and immediately realizes who Kat is and who her father was. He tells her that he and Jason were best friends and he promised her father that he would take care of her and any shortage. Didra announces that they have run out of all of Kat's inheritance money and Terence announces that he took her under his wing. He will give her her own apartment and she will be able to work for him. He asks that Deirdra and the girls be taken out in disgrace. Kat and Nick's dance was happy and loving. An endearing and enjoyable film, with the background of the Cinderella story in the background. Nice to spend an evening with smiles and enjoy the happy ending.


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