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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Fire Of Love, Director: Sarah Bossa, 2022

Rarely does the production of a documentary cause such great excitement around the world. Although there is an explicit intervention of the team in the making, it is still spectacular and unusual. The plot is about two scientists, whose passion is the volcanic study of volcanoes. Their journeys combined with their graceful personalities are an amazing visual production.

Another aspect is the photographs of nature and volcanoes. In front of man and his frailty, they look proud and magnificent and above all eternals. The pair of scientists are trying to develop ways to defend against the threatening giants, alongside the mesmerizing beauty they are capable of causing indescribable damage.

Its strength is in photography and soundtrack, very few films manage to give us such an intimate view of wild nature. There is a fascinating pedagogical and educational side here about volcanoes of which we are unaware and do not understand their power and their enormous influence on the fabric of life on earth.

This is not a particularly long film about a pair of researchers who are insanely motivated to understand and investigate. It is spectacular, interesting and opens the mind. It's not perfect, but there aren't many documentaries as poetic and beautiful.


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