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Movie Review: From the Heart of the Sea, Director: David Weaver, 2019

The movie "From the Heart of the Sea" is a comedy from the style of the romantic novel. There were already movies we watched, in the center of which was a bottle thrown into the sea and found and after you an affair developed between the parties. In the film before us, a 36-year-old girl, Avi Lawrence (daughter of Joy Lenz), who has not found love and lives near her beloved aunt Frances (Frances Flanagan) in Boston. My father is addicted to her job, and on a cruise she went on with her aunt, she receives advice from her to write down her feelings and emotions on paper in an anonymous letter, but with an email address that can be contacted. She closes the letter and puts it in a closed and sealed bottle and throws it into the sea. 3 months pass and the bottle arrives at the beach in Maine, where it is discovered by Nick Everson (Andrew W. Walker), who also happens to be the son of my father's boss, who went on a long trip and happened to come to Maine. Nick picks up the phone to his father, who asks him to come home to help him with his work. Nick agrees and also decides to write an email to the mysterious girl who wrote the letter. Without each other touching on the identity of the other, Nick and my father begin to correspond and become friends while corresponding. They get joint projects and don’t get along well, mostly because Nick doesn’t really read carefully and devotes thought to the materials my father passed on to her and she acts domineering. Each of them had a completely different method of work. After trying to get a company that my father really wanted and they were unable to get to talk to the owner, Nick comes up with a bold idea after researching it. He found out that the owner of the company - George Wilmore (Avrik Golding) is a fishing enthusiast, he travels with my father, finds out where he is fishing and so he meets them and invites them to dinner. In a developing conversation he refuses to sell because their company has become a large corporation. But, when Nick assures him that he will take care of the place himself, he relents. Meanwhile Nick accidentally discovers that my father is behind their correspondence, he decides to reveal it to her. He was surprised by her angry reaction and her distancing. But, in his sister's marriage, he turned to my father and revealed to her about his love and she apologized. A very romantic film with a happy ending, as expected. Good game, amazing views. Nice to see the movie and keep smiling and believing that love wins ....


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