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Movie Review: Harriet: The Road to Freedom, Director: Cassie Lemons, 2019

The movie "Harriet: The Road to Freedom" is a historical drama about the United States in the 19th century, during the period of terrible slavery, whites and African Americans on both sides of the barricade. The film is based on the true story of a particularly brave woman, who made history in a terrible and not simple period, namely Harriet Tabman. The film won two Academy Award nominations, for Lead Actress and for Music.

Actress Cynthia Aribo plays Harriet's character in an excellent play. The beginning of the film takes place in Maryland in the 1940s, even before the Civil War, which broke out in 1861, where we met Minty, Harriet's previous name and family, under the auspices of a white family, the Brodes family. She is married to a freed slave named John Tabman (Zachari Momo) and she asks the father of the family to release her so they can raise their children freely. He strongly opposes this, and even announces that he will sell them to the southern states in order to realize some of his money.

Minty prays to die and indeed it happens, when his cruel young son Gidon Brodes (Joe Alvin) takes his place. Then a decision falls in Minti's heart - to flee to Philadelphia where there is no slavery. She goes out at night, and with the help and guidance of Pastor Samuel Green (Wendy Curtis Hall) succeeds in her mission. She joins an organization that fights slavery with the nickname "Moses", run by William Steele (Leslie Odom Jr.). So she changes her name to Harriet Tabman and volunteers for operations to bring her family and other slaves to freedom. She is full of energy and good will, despite her severe head injury, which caused her to have epileptic seizures.

During the American Civil War, due to her vast experience, she commanded a battalion despite being a woman. Due to her great courage she entered the history of the United States. Tabman died in 1913, highly esteemed, books were written to tell her deeds as well as plays, television and film.


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