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Movie Review: Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, Directed by: Paw Choining Dorji, 2022

Few people will find Bhutan on the map, a large country in Asia but remote and not particularly touristy. This is a country that still has people living in it like in the Stone Age and that is why it is so intriguing to the West. The story follows an urban educator, who was sent as part of a government project to a remote village that does not even have running water. There are 56 residents there, who are not literate.

The teacher's dream is to move to Australia at all, but he is forced to be responsible for all the children of the village. Like hundreds of other films, he will find his vocation precisely in the most remote and less predictable place, discovering himself and the simple and charming people of the village. The difference between the current film and others, is that it does so in a charming and captivating way.

The film is very authentic, it takes viewers through a process and convinces them that it is possible to live without all the Western comforts. He presents the villagers as born, but with the wisdom of life and immense motivation to succeed. They are not spoiled and willing to give of themselves and invest in themselves in order to build a better future.

The charm of the film is that it is simply devoid of cynicism and full of human warmth. He does not patronize his heroes and does not present them in a disparaging or abusive manner. It has compassion, love for education and a great many values ​​that have already been lost in our world and probably must go as far as Bhutan to find them. This is a foreign, surprising film that manages to touch hearts and that's a lot in our time.


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