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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Marseille Crime Streets, Director: Cedric Jimenez, 2020

Alongside being one of the most beautiful cities in France, Marseille has been thriving in some neighborhoods in some crime gangs. The police, who are unable to enter the problematic places with large forces without causing enormous friction with the locals, have tried to switch to alternative methods. As a result, a sort of French undercover unit was set up, given the impossible task of overthrowing the crime empires that had sprung up in the Marseille region. With close to zero support from the locals, they decided to use controversial methods, some of them criminal. They paid drug informants, used unnecessary violence and planted evidence. As a result, members of the unit were charged with a public trial for their actions. The film "Crime Streets of Marseille" tells their story. The city is considered one of the most violent in France, whose figures are dismal and do not mention the city that was in the past. The film presents Marseille as a place full of dangers, a kind of American ghetto in France. The French policemen are a kind of modern sheriffs, fighting gunmen who come to town, only this time most of them are immigrants from Africa and Asia. The situation is chaotic and the immigrants walk around with guns, half naked, waiting for the security forces to arrive. The absolute good in the face of the chaos that is trying to impose Third World policy on the centuries-old city. "Crime Streets of Marseille", is a realistic, fast-paced film that presents the cops in a sympathetic and humane light. He presents their difficulties, but on the other hand takes a clear position that undermines the complexity that can be such a chaotic situation. The good and the bad are clear here, the action is effective and brutal, something we have seen dozens of times before. Instead of analyzing the complexity of the city and its people, we get a film with a clear statement that can take place in almost any city and not just in Marseille. Its uniqueness is that it was made in the French language, but it could just as easily have taken place in a lawless town in Mexico or another country. On the other hand it is entertaining, but its lack of utterance makes it another plausible action movie and there are dozens of them.


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