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  • Lotan Diker

Movie review :Netflix, Code Emperor, Directed by: Jorge Quira, 2022

A secret agent named Juan who is supposed to handle bad people and of course arrest them, receives a mission where he must cross the lines. This is a completely generic description of many movies we've seen in the past and indeed the name Caesar Code is not very original.

A straight politician, or so it seems is Juan's next target. He must find dirt on him and if he doesn't find it, plant incriminating evidence. This leaves him with a very deep moral dilemma that never really develops in the film into an interesting event or worth watching

As the film develops, it becomes complicated and branches into many plot lines that confuse the viewer. Juan's character is the most interesting part of the film, he is complex and haunted by demons from his past and must deal with complex ethical dilemmas. He is reasonably played and seems to be someone worth following. But the organization he works for is so mysterious that it is impossible to understand who is behind it and what he even wants.

There are a lot of flashbacks that disperse following different plots and characters that pop up and return, without an orderly focus the narrative disperses, and the interest diminishes. The amount of action scenes is minimal to almost non-existent, even though they appear they are effective and completely reasonable

The movie is a miss and a shame. It has the right ingredients, including a dark tone and an interesting main character. It fails to properly stitch the various plot lines and the interesting opening that gets lost as time goes by. This is a movie in Spanish, a country that usually makes great movies and this time is disappointing.


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