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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Orphan: First Kill, Director: William Brent Bell, 2022

In horror films there is an agreement between the viewer and the creators, putting logic aside in exchange for pleasure and escapism for an hour and a half. There are times when the plot is so far-fetched that it hurts the fun. The beginning is successful, a mental hospital in Estonia introduces us to a girl who has never grown up and she looks 16 even though her biological age is 31. She has a hobby: she infiltrates families and after she gets bored, she slaughters them.

She manages to slip away to the United States and this time she is adopted by a wealthy American family. She was traumatized, the daughter was kidnapped to Eastern Europe and here she appears again. From here begins a series of illogical events, some of which are really stupid to the point of embarrassing the intelligence of the viewer. Their essence is that the mother discovers the identity of the impersonating Esther and from here things only get worse.

The script is the main flaw of the film, the acting is not amazing but reasonable and the brutality is not excessive and quite fun. It's hard to empathize with a gallery of psychopathic characters with borderline logic, but the fun direction and fast pace make up for a lot of problems. It seems that you sewed the logic with adhesive paper, but those for whom coherence is not important can certainly like the film.

Orphan first kill is a classic case of a stupid but terrifyingly fun movie. We are emotionally detached enough from all the stupid characters on the screen for us to react emotionally to the blood fest happening on the screen. Despite narratives and plot holes the size of a hole in Swiss cheese, it's still a fun movie to watch.


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