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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Prey, 2021

The movie "Prey" depicts a group of friends, who go on a hunting trip in nature following a bachelor party. They are interested in enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and brotherhood between them. Suddenly, however, a mysterious sniper emerges from the shadows and begins to slaughter them mercilessly. He is a skilled sniper, and now the question arises: who is he and why should he take care of them? "Prey" is a particularly effective and fast German film. It is short by one hour and twenty-seven minutes. Immediately after a brief exposition we are quickly thrown into the action. The plot is mysterious, the actors play well, but there is nothing we have not seen before. One of the problems with the film is the brief introduction, which does not allow us to relate to the gang emotionally and feel the distress they are feelling and in general we will care about them. The relationship between the characters is also strange. Beyond the fact that they set out on a journey together and don’t really seem to tolerate each other, their decision-making is particularly puzzling and bizarre. Even under fire they make bizarre and irrational decisions. Another problem is the coherence of the plot, when towards the middle of the film we get enough clues to guess who the shooter is and why he does it, and once we have solved the riddle, the magic very quickly dissipates. The plot is unsatisfactory, repeats itself and becomes a repetitive film, which does not recreate anything for us after a quarter of an hour. The friends run, hide, and come back, God forbid. Once one understands the formula, one loses interest and there is no real reason to keep watching it. "Prey" presents a very intense and effective first part. It focuses mainly on action and that is at its core. The characters treat each other in a not really likable way, and the plot does not explain the source of the tension. We are thrown into action too quickly, and in the absence of innovations in the parts that will follow, we are left with a mediocre film, which will make you get tired very quickly.

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