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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Thirteen Lives, Director: Ron Howard, 2022

The story of the boys in Thailand who were caught in a flooded cave and their lives were in danger is an amazing story. An entire country and experts from abroad worked together to save the football players and their coach, combining forces and minds that are truly unique. They had to risk their lives, especially the divers, so that they would see the light of day.

Amazon Prime purchased the rights to the film and decided to process the reality into an elaborate Hollywood adaptation. The focus is on the rescue efforts and the rescuers who had to be particularly original to overcome many dangers. The film is very realistic, it works exactly after the documentaries from the tragedy.

The advantage of the processing is the amazing sound and the photographs of the seabed. It's a shame he didn't make it to the cinema, because a big screen would have done him a real favor. There are quite aggressive attempts to squeeze emotion, but the multitude of characters and the fact that it works at a fast pace prevents a real connection to the characters on the screen.

Technically, the restoration is spectacular. The quality of your TV is critical. There is a huge difference in the experience from rendering in high resolution and that which is not. Towards the end of the film, it begins to spread unnecessary dialogues and boring scenes, it is about 160 minutes long and could have been shortened by at least half an hour, which would have greatly contributed to keeping the pace.

Despite the inherent shortcomings, it's still Thirteen Lives is definitely a spectacular and worthy adaptation that before the age of streaming would have made headlines everywhere and become an almost certain bestseller. It's moderately fun, squeezes emotion at the points it needs to and is realistic and reliable. It tells an amazing story with a worthy cast led by Colin Firth, without a doubt if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you must devote two hours of fun and anxiety to it.


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