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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Ticket to Heaven, Director: Ol Parker, 2022

Sometimes the plot is secondary to magical landscapes and simply sweet writing. Apparently sophisticated dialogues, crushing scripted lines are not always necessary when you have two great actors and the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are movies where you can just relax and enjoy the view. It's not going to win an Oscar, but at least it's relaxing and delightful.

A pair of American parents, David and Georgia Cotton, from our acquaintances George Clooney and Julia Roberts are trying to prevent their daughter Lily (Caitlin Deaver) from making a serious mistake and marrying her superior (Maxim Boutier), who lives on a magical island in the Pacific. They don't want her to repeat mistakes they made and take a very condescending attitude, but that's how old parents are.

The movie "Ticket to Heaven" often talks about redemption and a second chance, how people of a different origin should not be judged and other messages that we have seen in dozens of other Hollywood movies and now they are getting a new effect. The quality comes from the resorts, the lifestyle and the relative fun that the film cruises through during its 90 minutes.

Those who expect a masterpiece will not find it in the movie "Ticket to Heaven", but sometimes you can also enjoy a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The movie "Ticket to Heaven" was shot in Queensland - Australia, part of the desire to bring tourists. After so much time that the world was closed, one can like the thought that fine views, good food await us and maybe on the tour we will meet Clooney over a martini.


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