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Movie Review: Vicky & Mister, Director: Dennis Imbert, 2021

The wonderful French film "Vicky and Mister" is full of nature love. It is suitable for the whole family and very enjoyable. The film is based on a true story, and at the end you see the real girl and wolf on which the story is based. Victoria (Shana Kyle) is an eight-year-old girl, also known as Vicky, who lost her mother to a serious illness. Her father Stefan (Vincent Elbaz) is a surgeon and she accuses him of failing to save her. Therefore, she decided not to speak completely and remained silent. The father, helpless, decides to go on sabbatical to his second rural home located in the middle of nature in Lyon on a wide farm and without neighbors around them.

Out of boredom Stefan decided to go for walks in the area, Vicki joins him, mainly because he told her that he and Vicki's mother loved these walks. One day they lose their way and accidentally enter the mansion of a neighbor who is nearby to help them. Coincidentally Vicky saw in the box what looked like a cute old puppy. She strokes him and when the neighbor sees this, he asks her if she wants him and Vicky is very happy to have him. It is called "Mister" or mystery. At first Vicky hides the puppy from her father as best she can, even though he messes around and rips out all of her fur toys, until her father discovers him and she asks him to stay and the father accedes to her request.

They both bond with Mystery, but one day, as soon as Vicky arrives at school and Mister arrives with them too, the mother of one of the children who works with a vet sees him and suspects him. She asks them to come to the clinic to make sure what kind of dog he is. The test proves beyond any doubt that Mister is indeed a gray wolf and not an ordinary dog. At that time the wolves attacked the flocks of sheep of the farmers and they sought to kill as many of them as possible. Their suspicion was, that Mister is a wolf, and they come to Vicky and Stefan's house and take him despite her protests. Immediately after that the nightmares return to attack Vicky, and Stefan explains to him to the best of his ability that she can not leave in a wolf house and his place in nature.

Mister misses Vicky, and escapes from the reserve where he was being held and comes to visit Vicky at school. She walks after him to the mountains in the snow until she falls unconscious. Stefan meanwhile searches for her and Mister leads him to her and she is saved. When Mister visits Vicki again, a farmer sees him and shoots him in the foot while Vicki, who heard the shot, runs to him and luckily is not shot by the farmer. Stefan analyzes Mister and rescues him, and they agree with the farmers that they will not harm Mister if he returns to the reserve. Vicky comes to terms with the situation and agrees to release and even takes him to the forest and says goodbye to him and Mister joins his wolf friends.

The film has wonderful views and excellent acting of the actors. They have a great love for nature and show that there can be coexistence between man and the wild animal.

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