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Movies from the past: The sixth episode of Star Wars-"Return of the Jedi", the climax of the series

There is no doubt that the "Star Wars" movies are a milestone in the history of cinema. The climax comes in the sixth episode, which is "Return of the Jedi".

Since the first episode of "Star Wars" decades have passed and the cinematography and special effects have also been added over the years. The previous films were impressive, but the most impressive of all is the sixth episode "Return of the Jedi". Many millions of shekels were invested in it and the result is spectacular in its beauty.

The beginning of "Star Wars" is a computer game, which actually later became a movie and they are also the basis of the Pixar company.

In the sixth part "Return of the Jedi" we will meet characters from the past, such as: Java, the Emperor and others. The idea is similar, but there is another fascinating adventure in the film, when a death star threatens the peace of the world and lands on a very distant planet, the home of the Waki tribe.

The film is hermetically sealed, making it difficult for another sequel. George Lucas will have to try very hard to produce another episode. The parts of "Star Wars" have become cult, that addicts know how to accurately quote whole parts of the movies. They have everything good and everything that young people connect with. The struggle between evil and good, between darkness and light, and the desire to break free and be free.

No matter how many years have passed, these are unforgettable and very influential films. From one film to the next, the scripts and also the effects improve, improve and win hearts. This can be called masterpieces.


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