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Musical Film Review: Matilda, Director: Matthew Warchus, 2022

Recently, the movie "Matilda" based on the book by the well-known author Roald Dahl came out in the form of a musical. The film was produced in 1996 by Danny De Vito and was also very successful.

The film describes a girl whom life has been cruel to - Matilda Wormwood (Alysha Weir). She was born to a couple of parents who do not know how to deal with a child who is completely different from them. Her father (Stephen Graham) wanted a son to be born to him, and he denies that he had a daughter and he addresses her in the masculine language. He is a small crook, and married to Matilda's mother (Andrea Rainsborough), addicted to shopping and TV shows and does not treat her daughter at all.

Matilda is a genius girl, above and beyond children her age. She doesn't go to school until her parents force her to. Until then she visits the library, makes friends with the librarian and reads books that are way beyond her age. Mathematics is not a problem for her either. She enters the school and there she meets her teacher, Miss Honey (Leshana Lynch), who understands her very much, because she also went through a very difficult life. She loves and encourages her students.

The evil and sadistic headmistress - Miss Trunchbull (Emma Thompson) surpasses all of them by several ranks. She does an amazing role here. According to her, she would occasionally entrust herself to the make-up people for hours. The beautiful actress became here the manager of the monster, very ugly, fat, with different and strange clothes that distort her figure even more. She bullies children for no reason, like the girl whose mother braided her, and she uses her braids to throw her like an iron ball, at which she was a champion in the past.

The children are afraid of the headmistress to death, already from the statue in her likeness at the entrance to the school. She built a dungeon for children who are undisciplined in her opinion, and affectionately calls it "Dungeon". Matilda, who is not loved at home, has become an undisciplined child. She takes revenge on her father and pours a lightening substance on his hair color, which turns it green. She put glue in his hat, which sticks to his head and cannot be removed.

At school Matilda says no to Miss Trunchbull, a word none of the students dared to say to her. In doing so, she creates the beginning of resistance and rebellion among the students. She also trains with her brilliant mind in telekinesis, and manages to move things out of place. When she learns of the connection with Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull, the latter of which robbed her of her property and inheritance from her parents, she decides to help her.

After Miss Trunchbull freaks out and tries to collectively punish all the students, Matilda springs into action. She moves the chalk with the power of thought and writes on the board things against her in the name of Miss Honey's father. She destroys all the gruesome dungeons and threatens Miss Trunchbull with the dreaded chains. She makes her run away and Miss Honey gets to run the school in her place.

In the meantime, they discovered the fraudulent deeds of Matilda's father and her parents intend to flee to Spain. Miss Honey takes Matilda under her wing and they stay and live happily together.

A most charming film. It has some parts that will scare young children, so it is more for teenagers. The others will enjoy every moment. Everything is done in the right dose. There are also funny moments.

Everyone's acting is excellent, the dances and songs are charming. There is no substitute for Emma Thompson, who does a genius role and really deserves the Oscar. The setting is excellent, conveying the difficult and sad atmosphere in the school, and then the colorful and cheerful amusement park. not to be missed.


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