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Series Review: Big Shot, Creator: David E. Kelly, 2021

Successful basketball coach Marvin Koren (John Stamos) who was fired from his job after going crazy and suspended for throwing a chair is trying to start over. A school for rich and snobbish girls decides to give him a job, which makes him deal with his sensitive side - spoiled girls and not knotted stars.

The basis of the series is the conflict between the sensitive and ego-filled girls and the coach, who does not hold anyone accountable. As with all Disney series, he has to straighten up, develop emotions and also moderate. At first the characters are unbearable, but over time we learn to love them.

"Big Shot" is a drama based on Disney clichés and sports movies, including all the sticks, only it's about girls. The characters are relatively tolerable, the game is not bad at all, but sometimes liberalism and feminist messages can be upsetting. Despite this, it is not a pedagogical drama but a rhythmic series for boys and adults alike.

There is endless preaching about giving up the ego for the benefit of the whole, it can be annoying but sometimes becomes exciting. The series is not a masterpiece, there are attempts to be funny that do not exactly succeed, but like in a restaurant working with a lot of oil, practicing and then loving the warm feeling it gives.

Disney insists on hidden messages, even if they are educational, so can be seen in a shared family viewing around the couch. Recently, "Big Shot" was renewed for a second season and even gained a large group of fans. In the end, this is a bit of an old-fashioned family drama, but bottom line, it's cool escapism.



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