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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Blood, crowns and sex, 2022

The British royal house has become something of an obsession recently, since the death of Queen Mother Elizabeth. There are endless attempts, to engage in intrigues, arguments in everything that is yellow, everything that is juicy among the people with blue blood.

"Blood Crowns and Sex" is a series, only from the title you can understand what vibe it broadcasts and what it wants to sell. Those who love the fights behind the screens of the magnificent palaces, also connect with her. It deals with a subject that has been ground to a fine detail and that is Henry VIII (Max Parker) about his many wives, his quarrels and his murders.

In the series "Blood, crowns and sex" they try to go further and mess with everything that is yellow. But not just any yellow, but dripping and oily yellow. There are no exciting innovations here, it was already on the screen even on Netflix several times. But, not innovating can also be an advantage if you act properly.

In the series "Blood, Crowns and Sex" we have a rather interesting plot, about struggles between the monarchy and the whole world, including Queen Anne Boleyn (Emi James Kelly). In the series there is a description of a love-hate relationship, which has already inspired countless historical novels.

The design in the "Blood, Crowns and Sex" series is meticulous, modern and cool, along with a not bad game at all, those who like the subject will love it very much.


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