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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Cleo, Creators: Richard Krupp, Heno Hackford, Bob Conrad, 2022

Few remember that for many years, Germany was divided and East Germany was ruled for a long time by the harsh Soviet regime. They took care of all the little details of their residents, even though they behaved in a brutal and not particularly merciful way.

In the 1980s, a skilled Stasi assassin named Cleo (Jela Haas) goes on an assassination mission, which, unlike most movies, succeeds well. However, someone decided to betray the tough heroine, and she is tried and spends good years in prison. After years, she decides to go on a bloody revenge journey, against whoever is behind the unknown act.

Together with delusional partners, Cleo goes on a murderous rampage, which turns out to be funny and ridiculous in equal measure. The series "Cleo" draws a lot of inspiration from Tarantino's films. This is an almost comic series, full of assassins, rhythmic music, and a hero that even Superman would have trouble stopping. The series "Clio" comes out with quotes from contemporary pop culture and a variety of appearances by characters from the real world, who have received a welcome return in reality.

"Clio" has its own rhythm, a unique cinematic language and many, many scenes, which many would define as an almost Stellan hallucination. Everything is done in an amusing, uncritical, very nihilistic and self-aware tone. The result is mainly suitable for those who enjoy products with a unique cinematic language, which does not take the world too seriously.

In the "Clio" series there is a celebration of flesh and blood, cruelty and brutality, alongside almost zero ideologies and revolutionary political ideas. There is no overly critical tone here, a desire to change or even criticize the brutal regime that ruled East Germany for many years.

Those who enjoy their binge as fun and without political awareness, will find the "Clio" series a very positive experience.


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