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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Close to Me, Creator: Connie Nielsen, 2022

One of the most well-known practices in the world of movies is memory loss. The hero loses large parts of the old world and tries to restore the shattered pieces of his life.

A woman named Jo Harding (Connie Nielsen) wakes up with a bloody head, probably because she was very drunk at the time of the incident. She has no memory of the last 13 months of her life and must put the puzzle together.

Of course, according to the unwritten rules of the format, many details are hidden from it. All the disinformation comes in many forms, the cell phone is lost, and the dog is too. Her husband Rob (Christopher Ecclestone) and daughter withhold important information from her and she must fight to recover very important details.

The six episodes are quite murderous and progress at a dizzying pace. Lots of details are piled up and revealed throughout the series and the viewers also must put the picture together which makes it even more fascinating. The acting of the characters is excellent, and the British are great at creating a world of intrigue, anxiety, and hidden interests.

Those who enjoy decent tension, and a complicated and mysterious plot will fall in love with Reconnect. It is a short but exhaustive and enjoyable viewing and therefore recommended.


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