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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Detox, creator: Marie Jardillier, 2022

Modern life invites us to a lot of background noise, most of which is difficult for us to neutralize. Not only chemical poisons are considered addictive, but also electronic aids, such as the mobile phone. Celebrities use luxury vacation facilities to get rid of radiation, but what happens to those who don't have millions and a lot of free time.

The series "Detox" deals with ordinary people, who decide to try to disconnect from the networks. They pay a price for it, but since it's a comedy, it's mostly laughable.

In the "Detox" series, a group of young French women decide to live in a world without distractions. This gets them into a lot of trouble and comical situations. The series is unpretentious, not brilliant, but it has some moments of magic.

It all starts with unrequited love, when the heroine Leah (Manon Azam), develops an obsession with a man on social media, who blocks her and causes her to have a nervous breakdown and a mental breakdown. Her aunt (Tiffan Davin) also enters into a mental turmoil, after a viral video of her was distributed, which reaches every corner of the Internet. Together they disconnect for thirty days, trying to deal with the unexpected results. They are going to a training camp, which should help them survive the difficult period.

The "Detox" series is a light slapstick comedy, with blatant and shameless humor. The characters are not very sophisticated, but tolerable enough for us to get through the series without turning off the screen or our busy minds. If someone is looking to identify with the heroines of the series, he can win together with them in a short and light escapism, without too great expectations.


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