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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Echoes, Creator: Vanessa Ghazi, 2022

Every birthday, for some unknown reason, two sisters who are completely identical twins - Lenny and Jina (Michelle Monaghan), switch between them and share common pleasures. It is not clear why they do this strange custom, but apparently a tradition remains, because it accompanies them throughout their adult lives. What throws the genius idea out of balance is the disappearance of one of the nurses and the thought that someone has understood the exercise and wants revenge.

From the beginning the series is horribly messed up, the writers decided to play scouts and the exchange exercises are mostly annoying than fascinating. Sisters are good at switching roles but not at keeping secrets, the secret of her sister's disappearance is soon revealed. The series disperses into many parallel storylines and fails to focus on the main question without tiring the viewer.

The nurses themselves are not interesting enough or touching. Their dialogues are quite boring, and the actresses look tired. Their love lives aren't hot or exciting enough either, which doesn't give many reasons to keep watching. The twists are also very predictable and banal, the tension does not exist in the series because the writing never succeeds in deceiving the viewer.

Even the investigations that open, like a fire that breaks out in a church that is related to events that happened in the past, never really manage to develop into something really interesting that is worth staying and watching. It seems that the writers don't really want to tell a deep story full of twists and turns, but rely on a nice gimmick, but not one that can hold seven full episodes. The result is disappointing, it's a shame that Netflix invests huge sums in mediocre series.


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