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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Evil, Creators: Robert and Michelle King, Director: John Dahl, 2022

Possessions, demons, and spirits are the great mystery of our world. Do supernatural phenomena exist or is it human whim to believe in the supernatural. Evil tries to find a solution to these questions, including the study of human evil. They offer a solution to unusual cases that no one can decipher.

According to the model of “cases in the dark”, there are two investigators, one determined and a believer in the supernatural and conspiracies. The second, realistic, logical, and of course also psychological with a touch of scientific genius. They try to expose the evil bubbling under the surface and all thanks to the church that recruits them. The lady is also a forensic psychologist, that's how suspense drama and courts are woven. Each chapter is a case and slowly we learn about the great conspiracy that lies at the heart of all evil.

There are not many philosophical messages here, but a lot of possessions and devils that will pass your time. It has a dark realistic atmosphere that draws viewers in. Along with the crazy evil and psychopathic creatures, there is an organization of people who joined together to rule darkness over the land.

For three seasons, they relentlessly search for the truth to uncover what lies beneath the surface. It's a cute and effective series that deals with religious philosophy in a slightly superficial but enjoyable way. There are a lot of clichés here, along with a lot of intimidation and brutal images that not everyone will be able to handle.


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