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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Inside Man, Creator: Steven Moffat, Director: Paul McGuigan, 2022

Stanley Tucci is one of the better actors today, he manages to give an excellent role, but also appear in a rather far-fetched thriller.

In the series "Inside man" he plays a criminology professor sentenced to death, Jefferson Griff, who was accused of murdering his wife and dismembering her body. He is intelligent, charming, but one who cannot evade the law enforcement.

For some reason Griff refuses to evade his punishment, does not appeal, argues and instead has a hobby that every murderer loves, solving mysteries. He is helped by another inmate, Dillon Kempton (Atkins Estymond), who has a phenomenal memory, who remembers everything.

They are approached by a young journalist Beth Davenport (Lydia West), who met a girl named Janice (Dolly Wells) on the train, who helped her after she was harassed by a drunk. She suspects that her new friend is in trouble, which she did get into, and Griff helps her solve the mystery.

Janice worked for a priest, Harry (David Tennant), and tutored his son Ben (Louis Oliver). An argument between them led to Harry knocking Janice down all the stairs and she was injured. He is afraid that she will go to the police and report him, so he imprisons her in the basement of his house and does not know how to get out of the situation they both found themselves in. The priest's wife Marie (Lindsey Marshall) is also involved in the story.

The "inside man" series is off to a great start, a venomous and delightful black comedy. However, quite quickly she loses herself, becomes too gloomy and it's quite annoying at times. She collapses into herself and becomes absurd, seriousness is not very flattering to her.

The length of the series "Inside man" is excellent, only four hours, so you can absorb the downfalls, and there are quite a few. All in all a good series, doesn't demand too much and it passes quickly just at the point where it becomes unbearable.


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