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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Midnight Mass, Directed by: Mike Flanagan, 2021

Mike Flanagan is one of the most promising horror filmmakers of recent years. With works like "Who Lives in the Hill House" he is considered a shining star. The film "Midnight Mass" is his third work and despite a promising Stephen King-style opening, the sequel is less promising. The series is full of insights about religion, but its plot is scattered and not really scary. She follows Riley (Zack Gilford), a man who drove drunk and caused a girl to die. He is released from prison and returns to the religious town, when he is an atheist and full of doubts about religion. A young priest, Father Paul (Heimish Linklieter) arrives in town and begins to perform miracles and wonders, causing its people to face the source of the miracles and causing a storm in the community. The secluded island is creepy and scary, somewhat claustrophobic. The "Midnight Mass" series manages to maintain a reasonable tension, until we realize that there are few intimidations and most of the series deals with banal reflections and not really interesting philosophy. The problem is that there is not really an original statement or plot that manages to give insights into how people are willing to do horrible deeds for the faith, but only banal questions. There is a good ensemble of actors, who manages to maintain a reasonable level, but at no point in the "Midnight Mass" do we manage to see passages that transcend the banal and the expected. Aside from common statements about racism and belief, there is nothing that would justify watching the full series. It has a lot of unrealized potential.


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