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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Mr. Midnight: The Monsters Are Coming, Directed by: Tony Tills, Sean Masterson, 2022

Sometimes there are series so trashy that they are just fun to watch because of the bizarre happenings on the screen. This is not the case in the series "Mr. Midnight: The Monsters Are Coming", which came from Singapore, and as you know it is not a content powerhouse. I'm having trouble finding where one case of a good series came from there.

Netflix decided to import a supernatural youth series from Singapore, not one of the best seen on the ground. The series "Mr. Midnight: The Monsters Are Coming" follows a group of teenagers who begin to develop supernatural vision and become reluctant detectives. They are drawn to it to stop supernatural occurrences, which threaten the peaceful lives of Singaporeans.

The boys study at a prestigious international school in the city, which is mainly known for its harsh government, they are a mixture of cultures, which do not seem to be so connected to the local culture. The boys get together, speak broken English and are a kind of ridiculous platitude of a stereotype that emerged from an American teen movie.

The effects in the series "Mr. Midnight: The Monsters Are Coming" are bad, the plot is careless and embarrassing, what is scary becomes funny, but not out of surprise, but mainly pity.

There aren't many bright spots in the "Mr. Midnight: The Monsters Are Coming" series, even the acting is bad. The mystery lasts a few minutes, until it wears off, even fans of horror or youth series will be put off by the production values, which are equivalent to an elementary school production. Also in terms of a cultural glimpse of an exotic place, which we are not usually exposed to, is quickly replaced by the desire to see something more invested on our screens, for example a YouTube video about Singapore.


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