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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Outlaws, directed by Stephen Marchant, 2022

The British series "The Office" was a huge success, both in terms of viewing percentages and critically. The series "Outlaws" is not a success on a similar scale, but it is definitely a fun series and does not require special efforts to watch it.

The series "Outlaws" deals with the most banal punishment, which is community service, which becomes both dangerous and turbulent.

The story of the series "Outlaws" is about seven strangers who have committed minor crimes, grouping together in order to renovate houses in slums. Each of them is a unique and interesting type in itself and they are watched over by a woman, whose whole purpose is to make them miserable. However, a random and hopeless event changes all plans. A package of money that falls into their lap, causes them difficult dilemmas and fate-changing decisions.

The strength of the series "Outlaws" comes from the human and very interesting characters. They are colorful enough to last two seasons and they evoke empathy, certainly not ridicule and contempt. The flashbacks are meticulous and dramatic, along with a main plot that includes crime, theft and drugs, manage to create a strong plot.

The series "Outlaws" deals with a variety of problems that are part of British society. Racism, poverty and gaps between immigrants and veterans are treated with uncharacteristic sensitivity and lightness. Although the series "Outlaws" is not very long, only six episodes, it does manage to raise interesting questions and deal with important cases.

Despite the heavy subjects, the main point of the "Outlaws" series is entertaining and light. It is not very binding, does not twist into dozens of subplots and does not require reading online guides to understand the hidden meanings.

The series "Outlaws" is pure fun and there are very few such series on television.


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