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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Paper Girls, Creator: Stephanie Folsom,2022

Despite the strange name, the series is about time travel. It's a science fiction series, completely plausible, that brings together a number of women whose link is the fact that they deliver newspapers. They move from the 1990s to the present day and discover their future selves, in scenes some of which are brilliant and some of which are heartbreaking.

Their goal is to find out why they are stuck in the future, how they got there and how much the world has changed in the last thirty years. This is not an overly brilliant series; it avoids dealing with the paradoxes of time travel but instead builds tension and mystery. Although the cast is unknown, it does an excellent job and manages to convince of the characters' authenticity.

Paper girls has all the ingredients of a good series, it has action and a lot of chase scenes. Humor and cynicism that are necessary for science fiction and a lot of heart and desire to give. Sometimes the chapters are too long and drawn out, but despite that most of them are interesting and quite exhaustive and rhythmic.

It is not a series that will enter the top 100, nor does it try to be one. It is based on a rather forgotten comic, and it tries to be as faithful to it as possible. It's a fun series that enriches the streaming of Amazon Prime a little more and makes it more attractive for the main purchase which is Lord of the Rings which should arrive soon.


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