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Series Review: Queen, Creators: Avrani Ulpur Ovsgerson, Director: Lucas Kosmichi, 2022

A four-episode Polish series called "Queen" hit TV screens via Netflix. The series is charming, interesting, fascinating and touching. The "Queen" series depicts the life of Sylvester (Andrzej Severin), an old tailor and drag queen who lived in Paris, who wants to stop his activities. He became famous as "Loretta" and was very successful for 40 years. He finds in his mail a letter from his granddaughter Isabella (Julia Chetnika), in which she asks him to come to Poland, his homeland, because his daughter, Viola (Maria Peshek), whom he did not know because he left Poland when her mother was pregnant with her, has kidney failure and she asks From him to donate her kidney.

He is undecided, but Corentin (Cuba Ria), his director and right-hand man convinces him to travel and do his paternal act. He returns to his hometown and there he has to deal with his past. With his granddaughter he immediately forms very good relationships. His daughter at first does not want to know him and refuses to donate a kidney to her, but Isabella piles on her and signs the consent to surgery in her place and he donates his kidney to her and she recovers. Slowly they approach. It turns out that Isabella is pregnant and she only reveals to Sylvester, her grandfather. But, a disaster that occurs due to an earthquake in a mine at the place where two of its friends were captured - Mark and Karl. From the trauma she gets labor pains and gives birth prematurely at week 26. It turns out that Mark was killed and she makes contact with the injured Karl.

Viola is very involved in the life of the town and takes care of the miners' families who are left without work, and decides to organize a fundraising event for them that will help them. Her father, Sylvester, decides to show her that he is also Loretta, and she watches his performances and is very impressed. She decides that the miners will appear in a similar show with a famous star. To that end, Sylvester asks Corinth to come and be the director of the show and even sews costumes for the miners. They cooperate and work hard to learn the dances. When the day of the show arrives, the singer arrives, but due to her unanswered demands, she leaves, and Viola asks Sylvester to perform in her place as a clown. He agrees, does his amazing show and everyone cheers for him. The income is above and beyond expectations, since in addition to the people of the town, they also contributed a lot of druggist.

The baby is named Sylvester Jr., after his grandfather. He is operated on and survived, grows and heals and he and Isabella move in with Sylvester in Paris. Viola also found a mate.

A charming series, which has all the goodness, sadness and joy and a lot of humor and fun.


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