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Series Review: Queer Eye, Season Six, 2021

The charming series "Queer Eye" returns for a sixth season, this time in Texas, Austin and the region. The five marvelous, open, happy gays, full of joy of life, with lots of experience each in his own field, teamed up to do good to the people chosen by them according to recommendations and change them according to their vision and needs. We know them from the past: Anthony Furowski, who is the food expert; Tan France, of course the fashion expert; Kramo Brown, an experienced coach, the cultural expert; Bobby Barak, the home design expert; And Jonathan van Ness, the grooming expert. The series has won several Emmy Awards. An optimistic and pleasant series to watch. It has a lot of respect for people and the results speak for themselves.

The sixth season has 10 episodes, each 50 minutes. Chapter One: Confrontation at Broken Spock, Invites Them to Improve a Honey Tonk Dance Instructor. She is an older woman, 59 years old, very handsome and thin. She is unwilling to acknowledge her age and wears shorts like girls. Her grandson wants to live with her and her house invited them to try and explain to her that the years have passed, to rejoice in her age and behave accordingly.

The second story is very touching to them - Angel spreads his wings, describes a young trans girl, 22 years old, who was born a man and chooses to be a woman. She has a girlfriend who ordered them. She is very successful as a weightlifter, but still does not feel comfortable meeting people in her new identity. They help her in this and also in improving her relationship with her parents and especially with her father, who had a hard time accepting the change. Her house is also being renovated. The third story takes place on a farm. A farmer whose house is neglected and also, does not bathe and lives in a dirty and smelly caravan, receives personal care, new clothes and a haircut and also a prefabricated house, which is being renovated and for the first time is tidy. So he returns to his girlfriend from the past and they build their future together.

The fourth story is called - An Unforgettable Night, and is a little different from the other stories. Here the quintet helps high school students, who have been through the difficult corona year, plan a dance party for the end of the year. They find a place for them outdoors, for all nine activists at the school they match clothes and hairstyles and teach to cook light snacks. At the end - they renovate part of the school and they put things in the time machine for future generations. The fifth story tells the story of Sugar Zadi, who owns a restaurant where he worked with his wife. She passed away several years ago and has not been willing to change anything since. His daughter asks for help and the company arrives and activates their charms. The following story - a community alliance - describes a doctor who cares more about the community than about herself. The quintet is now invited to help her improve herself.

The seventh story - Snow White from central Texas, also needs support and help for herself, because she cares mainly for others, having founded an organization to rescue animals with special needs. She gets help from the marvelous. The eighth story again about a social activist - a safe haven, messing with homeless people and caring very much for them, but not for himself. He gets a complete overall from the caring and charming bunch. In the ninth story - not quiet about the yeast, the quintet helps a lovely woman, whose business has collapsed and she is not getting along. They grab the reins and put it back on the horse. In the tenth and final story - Reggie's breakout - the support and help is given to a rapper who has been adversely affected by the Corona and can no longer make music. Of course the quintet brings him back to matters.

A wonderful series, like The Five Fantastic. They know how to be flexible and adapt to the people who need their help. The help is as diverse as the people, they have no differences of race, religion, sex, origin, straights and queers alike.


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