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Series Review: Ray's Investigation, Creator: Maya Sondhi, Director: Audrey Cook, 2022

Very successful English series. Such is the four-episode series "The Investigation of Ray", in which the Indian actress Parminder Negra stars as Inspector Rashita Ray of the homicide section. A suspenseful series with many murders and many interesting and fascinating twists.

The series begins when Detective Ray herself takes control of a mentally disturbed guy who stabbed with a knife in his hand. The media happened to be there and you see her negotiation skills and when a guy surrendered to her.

This results in her arriving at the homicide section, a place she had long wanted to move to and was unable to, and also in a responsible position as a supervisor and receives a murder case of an Indian. She is trying to show her skills and professionalism and only hopes that she did not receive the investigation just because of her origin.

The series brings up and also smashes a lot of stigmas. Rashita is of Indian origin, but was born in England and her parents came to England at a young age and she doesn't even know the language or the culture, even though those around her and her commanders think so. She connects with detective Tony Ketri (Mahanov Tiara), who helps her since he comes from this culture. Something begins to develop between them, even though Rashita has a white partner, also a policeman, Martin Hunter (Jamie Bamber), who proposed to her and gave her a ring and they are engaged.

The series seems to have a mindset that anyone who is not white is problematic and all whites are good. But, in twists in the plot it is revealed that the origin of the person, who put an emphasis on this issue, is not significant at all.

We will not reveal the spoilers in the series, as this is what makes the story fascinating, exciting and surprising. But the story develops not exactly according to what was thought at the beginning, but in completely different directions.

The game in the series of all players is excellent. The main actress Preminger Negra is especially excellent. At the moment there is only one and really short season for this excellent series. Let's hope she continues and develops because she has great potential.


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