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Series Review: Resident evil, Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson, 2021

Perhaps Capcom's biggest and most successful brand is the Resident Evil, a brand that has long since transcended computer boundaries. The first film was released in 2002 and since then products of all kinds and types have been released, including animation and full-length films. This is another product in a very long line and can also be said, not the most successful.

In a nutshell it can be said that the plot of Resident Evil follows a zombie apocalypse caused by a drug corporation that develops a vaccine that produces giant monsters with immense power. The plot follows those who try to stop the horror. This is another attempt by Netflix to wink at the world of computer games, having already produced The Witcher. Buying the most successful brand in recent decades seems almost self-evident.

Unfortunately, the new series fails to terrorize viewers or create a fun and successful trash. The plot follows two timelines, one in 2022 and follows two younger sisters and their scientist father, whose work is related to a disaster taking place in the city. The second axis is in 2036, a brilliant young girl trying to survive the catastrophic disaster and find a cure. The problem that everyone is chasing her.

The first part is a kind of adolescence drama, which is unrelated and does not represent the enemy spirit within. Avoidance of bullies and first days of school, less talk to horror lovers. Despite some reasonable gameplay displays, the plot fails to rise beyond reasonable. Even the harsh criticism of the drug companies not really counting their patients, fails to penetrate the heart or save the series.

The zombies that are the core of the brand, look a little amateurish and fail to scare even those accustomed to looks. There is not really a line or something interesting that will attract new entrants and those who are already familiar, there are not many innovations. This is another mediocre product from Netflix, which manages to miss even with one of the most successful and well-known brands in the world


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