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Series Review: Save Our Squad, Star: David Beckham, 2022

David Beckham is an iconic figure in the world of football, a kind of superstar who saved the England team many, many times. He proved his qualities and over the years mainly appeared in the media as a playboy, enjoying the good life and leading public opinion.

In the new series "Save Our Team", Beckham returns to his childhood and tries to save the team he grew up with in a poor neighborhood in Great Britain. The series combines Beckham's childhood experiences and his attempts to save the children from disappointment and relegation. Alongside him are also coaches and a professional team, who are trying to improve their professional abilities.

Beckham, contrary to the publications, turns out to be an empathetic character, who has life experience and an understanding of football. It may be an attempt to change an image, but there is something known about his attempt to return to the roots. The children and the team are also very authentic and they are without the papers that so characterize reality stars these days.

The new series "Save our team" is not necessarily a series about redemption, but about a lot of hard work and profit that is not necessarily winning the championship. There are many interesting sayings here about perseverance and faith, determination and the need to work hard. The series is not cynical, which is very encouraging these days.

The new series "Save our team" is not documentary, amazing, life-changing, or groundbreaking, but there is something heart-warming about it, which there is not much in the commercial world.

Beckham's role in his adulthood as a mentor to the children, shows that everyone can grow up. There's something a bit clichéd about the series, but there's nothing wrong with a heartwarming binge. It can be happily viewed as family viewing, for the power of sports to change destinies and mature people of all walks of life and ages.


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