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Series Review: Tales of the Jedi, Creators: Dave Filoni, Charles Murray, 2022

Based on a comic book released in 1993, Star Wars expands its universe. Contrary to the trend of recent years, "Jedi Stories" are short videos, which describe moments that did not appear in the other content in the lives of Asuka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) and Count Dooku (Cory Burton).

The episodes are short, lasting a quarter of an hour or ten minutes, focusing on one event, told through different and enjoyable angles. The episodes complement the various anthologies and illuminate their journey towards power and Count Dooku's towards the dark side. These are episodes mainly for fans of the genre, who will be happy to get as much details as possible about the characters they like.

There is no uniformity in the level of the episodes, some are better and more enjoyable than the others. Despite this, the animation is spectacular, there is always a fun twist that adds pepper to the plot and a satisfying resolution despite the short length.

This is a collector's item, not everyone will enjoy the anthology and be able to understand the contents in depth. Those who like the genre and are familiar with the Star Wars universe will get a lot of things they can enjoy. References to chapters, the completion of details that only appear in the Jedi stories and supplementary plots that close open ends.

It seems that Disney mainly focuses on expanding the world of Star Wars in different directions, it is a world that already has a multitude of characters, each of which receives a lot of content and unique depth.


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