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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Defeated, 2020

The current German generation does not agree with Western stereotypes regarding Nazi rule. He tries to impose a different narrative, which shows the German people not as a collaborator, but as a victim. "The Defeated," the new series, brings this perception to an end. The Defeated follows a period in which Berlin was divided between the four powers. It describes how the Germans suffered greatly, from rape to murder committed by the Russians, and even the Americans. The series portrays the Germans as victims, the atrocities they had to go through and the price of the Nazi The setting of the series is an investigation into the murder of two American soldiers, but that's just the setting. "The Defeated" is a very dark, slow, wonderfully worn series, but shows the evil in man and not the post-war heroism. It was difficult for me to see the implicit criticism of the occupiers by the Germans, and almost a renunciation of what was before this period, but the angle through the eyes of the young creators is interesting. The desire to show that the Germans paid a price, that the occupation was with good intentions, but did much more harm than good, and it was time to also talk about what happened to the Germans after the war. regime took a heavy toll on them as well. There are no good and bad here, but only a dim hope for a better tomorrow. There is a lot of mystery, twists, brutal violence and political intrigue mixed in. The result is excellent, interesting and sweeping, but very disturbing at times and even discouraging due to its effectiveness. Of the German content that Netflix offers, "The Defeated," in my opinion, is one of the best. It is very realistic and deep, well-worn and offers an almost phenomenal reconstruction of bombed-out Berlin. On the other hand she is too self-righteous and makes assumptions for the German angle, but as a series she does the job.


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