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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Foundation of Isaac Asimov, Writer: David S. Guyer, 2021

More than any of the other writings of the Russian genius Isaac Asimov, the book "The Foundation" is considered the most well-known and complete work. Seventy years later, Asimov's writings are still considered a challenge to produce a film or series from his books. Apple TV Decided to try and create a film from the very complex piece, even though all the others retreated and moved on. The challenge cost close to fifty million dollars and two years of filming, and the result is complex and quite disappointing. The problem is that the series is dull and horribly serious, incomprehensible, with an expensive cast that does not connect to the plot. The science fiction series is about an empire similar to the Roman one, which is slowly crumbling. At the center of the plot is a mathematician named Seldon Harry (Jared Harris), who according to his calculations the empire will collapse, despite its immense power and control over planets and a vast fleet. According to his calculations, the problem is the emperor, who degenerates society and if he can not bring about change, humanity will collapse and degenerate into civil wars that will last about thirty thousand years. The solution of the mathematician Seldon is the establishment of an information center, which will include all culture and science. The emperor (Lee Pace), who sees the prediction as a betrayal, sends the mathematician to a remote planet, where he will establish the Foundation under supervision. The project is respectable and has a spectacular visual aspect. The philosophical and social ideas are interesting, but are lost in a messy and obscure plot, incessant time travel back and forth and a long and discouraging opening with monotonous and sleepy narration. The series is slow and calculated and does not adapt itself to contemporary rhythmic media, which requires fast results, rather than a plot that stretches over ten episodes. Anyone who has the patience for iron will get to see an exciting ending episode that closes edges properly, but few will succeed.


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