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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Orvile, Creator: Seth Woodbury MacFarlane, 2018 - 2022

Star Trek is the most iconic science fiction series in history. She influenced generations of fans who almost worshiped her. Seth MacFarlane decided to create a series about a group of researchers who wander between worlds and go on missions and always get into trouble.

The Orville is supposed to make fun of the genre and be especially wild. She tries to tell original jokes about conventions that every Star Trek fan knows. It turns the committed and skilled staff into a bunch that all they care about is handing over a card at the end of the workday. Like the office, there are the types that are kind of stereotypical of every series you've seen, the serious and square alien drinker and the medical officer.

The main problem is not that she is not good, she is very nice, but that she is not subversive and wild enough. She tries to play it safe and doesn't kick the conventions enough, so she's not funny enough. Even as a science fiction series it is not very interesting and is simply mediocre in both areas.

What is interesting are the dramatic relationships between the different characters and the way they cynically deal with different adventures. The series was relatively successful, it is already in its 3rd season. It's a nice series but not a must watch.


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