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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The Silk Kingdom, Netflix, Creators: Aleksandra Chmielewska, Message Kubiski, 2022

It is interesting to see feminist series from Eastern Europe, not exactly the place known for the gospel of female power.

The Polish series "Silk Queens" follows a group of women, who lived in 1976 under the winds of communism, not exactly years of equality and brotherhood for the female sex.

Three women decide to improve their lives and that of their family and use all the means at their disposal, in order to advance to places that are not really reserved for women. They begin to use their cunning and their appearance and thus maneuver between those with power and dominance in order to achieve the best for their loved ones.

The series "Silk Kingdoms" could have been an American series, writing and production level among the highest we have seen recently. Although Polish is not the most pleasant language to Western ears, there are still many, many good things here. From acting to production level, she manages to create interesting and exciting episodes throughout.

In addition, there is no self-righteousness here like equivalents from the United States. Everything is exposed, without too many filters and therefore also very interesting. There is something very realistic and poignant in the way they recreate the period. There isn't a lot of unnecessary compassion or a happy ending like in other thrillers we've seen.

Netflix's bet to go for foreign content pays off time and time again and proves that even outside the biggest power in the world there is a lot of quality content.

The "Silk Kingdoms" series, due to its bluntness, may not become the next "Squid Games", but we have already seen that both Asia and Europe have excellent cinema. It is hoped that he will also be able to penetrate the mainstream in the future.


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